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Manic Impressions was and is, in many ways, my favorite Anacrusis album. Although it may not contain quite the variety of styles represented on "Screams and Whispers", the overall body of songs displays the band at the height of its creativity. The song structures are more unorthodox than those found on Screams and Whispers and the addition of Chad Smith on drums inspired us to delve more deeply into the progressive end of the metal pool. It s no secret that the mix on the final product has always left much to be desired. Though some applauded its "icy" or "clinical" sound as mirroring the lyrical content, the truth of the matter is that though the performances were strong, these songs simply did not sound the way I or the rest of the band had intended.

It had always been my desire to have a second chance at bringing out the best in this album that we were all very proud of. Finally, thanks to more modern technology, and removed from the pressures and haste of the moment, I have been able to take another stab at these recordings. The original album was recorded entirely on 1 32-track Digital tape which I was able to have bounced down to a format that I could mix on my computer and at my convenience. Although it is impossible to please everyone s taste, I do feel these new mixes better represent what Anacrusis wrote and recorded in 1991. For those who prefer the original versions, download them or pick up the CD wherever you can find one.

On these re-mixed versions nothing was altered with regard to the original recordings themselves. All performances are just as they were tracked during those few cold weeks in early 1991. There are however, a few minor additions here and there. Some of these things were sound effects that were recorded but inadvertently omitted from the original mix for one reason or another (i.e. the gunshot sounds in I Love the World and the missing guitar harmony in the middle section of Paint a Picture ). Other changes include the opening riff of Still Black . The re-mixed version is the original arrangement of this song and is the way the band always performed the song live . At some point prior to recording the album, we decided to remove this section for the album version and recorded it the way it appeared on Manic . Even the demo version had the intro "chopped off. Here, I have edited the riff from elsewhere in the song and added it back to the beginning. Another major addition is the inclusion of the song Tools of Separation . This song was later recorded and included on our final album Screams and Whispers . The song was recorded in full during the Manic sessions, but due to time constraints, we were unable to finish mixing it and thus, left it off of the album. I was very excited to hear it after all these years since none of us had as much as a rough mix of this first recording. This version does not contain any of the symphonic keyboard parts which found their way onto the Screams and Whispers album.

I must also add that these new mixes represent my own interpretation of these recordings. As chief-songwriter and producer, I have taken certain liberties that I feel better represent my personal musical vision for this material and hopefully that of the rest of the band as well.

As of the end of 2006, there are no official plans to re-release any of Anacrusis recordings which is one reason I have posted the other material on this site. For these re-mixes I spent several months, in my spare time, during 2005 & 2006 going through the raw tracks in an attempt to bring out the best in these songs. There are many flaws, sonically, in these recordings, but I have tried my best to right as many wrongs as possible that were found in the old mixes. I have posted these new versions for the enjoyment of our fans both old and new and for those curious about Anacrusis a decade and a half after this album was first released. Download them, burn them & pass them around, but most of all ENJOY THEM!


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Manic Impressions Remixed Paint a Picture I Love the World Something Real Dream Again Explained Away Still Black What You Became Our ReunionIdle Hours Tools of Separation Far Too Long


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