This page contains all of the demos recorded by ANACRUSIS from 1986 to 1992.

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This 2-song demo was recorded shortly after I met Kevin, John and Mike. It was the summer of 1986 and my band had just broken up. I was not eager to attach myself to another band at the time, but I agreed to record a couple of songs for the guys to use to try and find a vocalist.

The music was recorded live through their practice P.A. straight to a cassette. After we got the music right, recorded the vocals over the music kareoke-style, using a 2nd cassette deck. Since we didn't use a multi-track recorder, I had to sing straight through the songs with no overdubbing. This was a challenge on "Frigid Bitch" due to the speed of the lyrics. After several tries with me reading the lyrics off of a piece of paper, I still could not keep up for the entire song. In the end we recorded the 1st and 2nd verses and then went back and did the 3rd verse seperately and edited the two recordings together.

This tape was played on a local metal radio show with the host interviewing the 4 of us in the studio. The guys gave a sales pitch to anyone interested in becoming the band's vocalist. When the host gave the band's lin-up, he did not mention my name or say who was playing and singing on the songs since I wasn't yet in the band or their "official" vocalist.

Before I joined them, ANACRUSIS was using standard tuning, which is what you hear on this version of these songs. It was only later, when I decided to join the band, that we switched to using a low-B tuning, which I had used in my previous band.

2-Song Demo

2-Song demo(1986)

Frigid Bitch


Annihilation Complete demo (1986)

Disemboweled/Annihilation Complete
Fighting Evil
Frigid Bitch
Vulture's Prey

This is the 1st version of the demo and was recorded late in 1986 in Kevin's basement using a 4-track cassette multi-track recorder.

On this version the guitars were recorded directly without mics on the amps, which resulted in the overall "fuzzy" tone. "Bouncing" tracks back and forth to add solos and vocals also resulted in the loss of much clarity. After running off dozens of copies using only a jambox to make the high-speed dupes, the "master" cassette was destroyed by the machine we were using. The copies posted here are about as good as it gets considering all that exists are a few copies of the cheap high-speed copies recorded on normal-bias tapes, but I have posted them for anyone who would like to hear what this version sounded like.

Another thing to note is that at this time Mike Owen was still playing with a single kick-drum. He didn't begin using double-kick drums until shortly before the 2nd version of this demo was recorded.

The "Choke on 'em" sound effects in "Disemboweled" were taken from the zombie movie "Day of the Dead". The "crunch" between this song and "Annihilation" was a hollowed-out eggshell that I crushed with the tape sped all the way up. When it was slowed back down it created the desired sound.

AC1 demo cover
AC1 demo lyrics
AC1 demo cassette




This is the 2nd version of the demo and the one which was voted the year's Best Demo in METAL FORCES magazine's 1987 reader's poll.

The recordings of "Annihilation Complete" and "Imprisoned" from this tape eventually appeared on the SCREAM YOUR BRAINS OUT compilation album. It was METAL FORCES' editor Bernard Doe who signed ANACRUSIS to his label AXIS RECORDS (later ACTIVE RECORDS), which was the label that released the albums SUFFERING HOUR in 1988 and REASON in 1990.

The demo was recorded in Kevin's basement using a 4-track cassette multi-track recorder and included "R.O.T." and "Injustice" which had not been included on the 1st "Annihilation Complete" demo.

This time we also recorded drum and guitar tracks for several other songs which were not finished or included on the demo. The omitted songs were "No More Voices", "A World to Gain", "The Storm", "The Twisted Cross" and "Powerhouse". The latter three songs were all HEAVEN'S FLAME songs which ANACRUSIS played live early on. "No More Voices" was also played live at early shows but never fully demoed or included on any album, though the opening riff ended up in the middle of "Misshapen Intent" on the REASON album. "A World to Gain" and "The Twisted Cross" appeared on our 1988 debut album SUFFERING HOUR. "The Storm" was later re-written as "Quick to Doubt" and appeared on our 1990 album REASON.


Annihilation Complete demo (1987)

Disemboweled/Annihilation Complete
Fighting Evil
Frigid Bitch
Vulture's Prey

AC2 demo cover
AC2 demo lyrics
AC2 demo cassette




Quick to Doubt demo (1989)

Quick To Doubt
Not Forgotten
Child Inside
Silent Crime
Pendulum (Killing My Mind)

These demo was recorded in Kevin's basement using a 4-track cassette multi-track recorder.

"Stop Me", "Afraid to Feel" and "Misshapen Intent" were written shortly before we entered the studio to record REASON and were never fully demoed.

"Pendulum" was later re-written as "Killing My Mind" and appeared on the album as a CD-only bonus track along with "Injustice".

Three of these songs were re-worked versions of HEAVEN'S FLAME songs. "Silent Crime" was an updated version of "Without a Second Chance", "Quick to Doubt" was a re-written version of "The Storm" and the majority of the music in "Child Inside" came from a song called "In the Wild".

I had originally planned to have "Terrified" begin with various drum/guitar noises which would build up to the opening riff as it was recorded for this demo. Since "Stop Me" became the opening song, these "noises" were recorded and were instead going to join the first 2 songs together. In the end, we ran out of time to edit them together. This original arrangement can be heard on the 4-song advanced "sampler" tape which was mixed early-on in order to have duplications made in time to be given out at the 1990 Foundations Forum in Los Angeles, CA.





This demo was recorded in Kevin's basement using an 8-track cassette multi-track recorder. A drum machine was used on "Desperate Hours" because I felt that the tempo on the original drum track was too slow.

The names of a few songs were later changed to avoid confusion with other titles. Around the time of this recording, Mariah Carey released a song called "Someday" and "Desperate Hours", which came from a lyric in the 2nd verse, was the name of a 1955 Humphrey Bogart movie, later re-made the year this song was written. Because we didn't want two songs with "Hours" in the title, Sleep" was used as a working title. Once the name "Desperate Hours" was dropped, we changed "Sleep" to "Idle Hours".

Since Kevin had a habit of putting off finishing his lyrics until the last minute, I sang the same verse twice on "Still Black", which he and I finished writing in the studio.

One of the first songs I demoed for the Manic Impressions album was NEW MODEL ARMY'S "I Love the World". They had been a favorite band of mine for a few years and I thought doing a cover on a non-metal band (but in our style) would add some variety to the album.

Once CHAD SMITH had joined the band, the first thing we recorded as a band was a 2-song "live" demo of "Explained Away" and "Paint a Picture", the latter of which was a combination of 2 separate demos I had recorded several months earlier.

These songs were recorded in Kevin's basement with vocals added later. Conbined with a demos I already had of "Tools of Separation" and a very raw version of "I Love the World", these 4 songs showed a dramatic shift in style from our previous albums and became the foundation that the rest of the MANIC IMPRESSIONS album would be built upon.

Manic Impressions demo (1990)

Paint A Picture
I Love The World
Something Real
(Dream Again)
Explained Away
Tools of Separation
Still Black
Desperate Hours
(What You Became)
Our Reunion
(Idle Hours)
Far Too Long

-1st demos-

Explained Away
Paint a Picture
Tools of Separation
I Love the World




Screams and Whispers demo (1992)

Sound the Alarm
Sense of Will
Too Many Prophets
(instrumental version)
Tools of Separation
A Screaming Breath
My Soul's Affliction
(version 2)
(version 3)

These songs were recorded in Kevin's basement and in my apartment using a 4-track and/or 8-track cassette multi-track recorder.

This set of demos was recorded at various times throughout 1992. Although many of these songs were written either with Chad Smith or during the time he was still in the band, all of these recordings were done using a cheap drum-machine which I often used to write with.

I recorded the 1st batch of songs alone using a drum machine and with me playing all of the guitar & bass parts. These songs include "Sound the Alarm", "Release", "Grateful", "Brotherhood?" and "Tools of Separation".

I had begun early on to experiment with keyboard/orchestral arrangements and those songs which incorporated these sounds were among the 1st songs written. For "Brotherhood?", I took the main part of the Heaven's Flame song "Vulture's Prey" (which had appeared on both version of the "Annihilation Complete" demo) wrote new lyrics and combined it with a piece of music I had written years ago and had coverted into an orchestral arrangement. "Grateful" was also constructed around a piece of music I had written on the keyboard. On "Tools of Separation", I simply added string and brass parts to the chorus of what was probably our most-demoed song.

Other songs were later arranged and recorded by me using riffs written together during band rehearsals. I would take the parts that Kevin and John wrote combine them with material I had written to arrange them into songs. Though most of the older demos were recorded with each member playing his own parts, in this case I believe John only played bass on a couple songs and Kevin only recorded his guitar solos.

Kevin didn't finish the lyrics for what would become "Division" until after we entered the studio, so this demo version has no vocals. There was also one additional song written and partially demoed, which was not recorded for the album.


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