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Present Tense Imprisoned R.O.T. Butcher's Block A World To Gain Frigid Bitch Fighting Evil The Twisted Cross Annihilation Complete N.I.B. Munsters (theme) Munsters (theme)


Stop Me Terrified Not Forgotten Wrong Silent Crime Misshapen Intent Afraid To Feel Child Inside Vital Quick To Doubt Killing My Mind Injustice


Paint a Picture I Love the World Something Real Dream Again Explained Away Still Black What You Became Our Reunion Idle Hours Far Too Long


Sound the Alarm Sense Of Will Too Many prophets Release Division Tools Of Separation Grateful A Screaming Breath My Soul's Affliction Driven Brotherhood? Release (remix) Brotherhood? - Edit


*Bonus Track
**Unreleased song



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Manic Impressions Remixed

Cruel April


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Manic Impressions Remixed Cruel April